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Work for week 8.6.20

Good morning Class 3, Hope you are all okay in this different time. We miss you very much.

This week the question is: What are the seasons and how can you identify them? For literacy this week we have a reading comprehension to do called 'Seren's seasons'. We are going to be naming the seasons and what the weather is like in each season. For maths this week we are comparing lengths and heights! The challenge this week for you is to make a video presenting the weather just like they do on the news-weather channel, maybe you could watch the weather channel to get some ideas :) I will look forward to seeing your videos when you send them to me on class3@parklands.derbyshire.sch.uk :) Remember to check out the competition on the previous page!


Miss Westbrook


Literacy- reading comprehension

Do the level with your children which you think :)

The answers are on the sheet and make sure that if you pick the sheet with room for sentences that the children write full sentences!

Remember to check your mathletics page. Check the previous page to see how many certificates you have. If you would like me to send you your certificates or have lost your password, please send me an email to request these! 

Science- the seasons and the weather

Look at the season's powerpoint and talk about how the weather is different in each season.These questions could prompt some discussion. How can we tell what the season is by looking out of the window? Is the weather always the same in each season? What is the weather like today? What season are we in now?


Cut and match the objects to the season on the season's worksheet. 


Can you make a weekly weather diary using the 5-day weather sheet? Put the correct weather sign under each day.

ICT-Can you make your own weather channel? Film yourself making a video presenting the weather. You might want to make a picture and stand in front of it, or even stand in the garden and talk about what the weather is like. I am looking forward to seeing the creative ways you can do this! :)

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