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Mathematics at Parklands

At Parklands we aim to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all children across the school. All opportunities across the curriculum are exploited and Mathematics is no exception as illustrated below:
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At Parklands we want to raise the profile of counting across the school. Counting is such an important skill in mathematics as it sets the foundation for learning more advanced mathematical concepts such as pattern and number recognition, counting on and reasoning about number. At Parklands we strive for every child to be an able and confident counter!


On the afternoon of Thursday 13th October, we held a 'Countathon’ where all children had the opportunity to showcase their counting to the rest of the school. All children were set counting challenges!


Year 2: To count in 3's forwards and backwards from 0 to 60

Year 1: To count in 2's forwards and backwards from 0 to 40

Reception:  To count to 20 and backwards from 0

Nursery: To count to 10 and backwards from 0


Lots of fun was had by all and children were impressive with their confident and accurate counting skills! WELL DONE!



We aim to provide our children with a wide mathematical education in an enjoyable, relevant and creative way. We use real life experiences so that children can begin to understand the purpose and importance of applying their mathematical skills in order to solve problems and engage them in future learning.


We aim for children to become  fluent and confident in the fundamentals of mathematics, so they can recall and apply their mathematical knowledge rapidly and accurately. Children are encouraged to reason mathematically by solving a variety of puzzles and problems.


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