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School Grounds

Sunflowers, sunflowers, everywhere!

Together with the school council, the Eco Team thought that our playground could do with some brightening up! On the first day of the Summer term 2016, every child planted a sunflower seed in a recycled newspaper plant pot (very kindly made by our eco-parents!) and took it home to watch it grow. This ties in nicely with our topics on growing and aspirations. Hopefully all the sunflowers will be returned to school so that we can measure them and enjoy them! Check back soon to see how we got on!


Litter Problem!

In the Spring term 2016, some parents reported to the Eco Team that litter often blows into the main pathway into our school from the main road. The Eco Team decided to write to the local council to see if they could help! Hopefully we will hear back from them soon with a solution to the problem!


Wildlife Garden Tidy Up

On 17th March 2016, a small group of volunteers and staff came into our wildlife garden to give it a tidy after the long winter. The beds were tidied and plants cut back ready for the spring. We can't wait to see the new plants emerging and growing as we reach the warmer months!

Yarn Bomb

The schools on the campus were all involved in helping Parklands to create our amazing ECO masterpiece.

Anti-Litter Poster Competition

The Eco team held a ‘Don’t Drop Litter’ poster competition. The entries were laminated and put up along the pathways into the campus. They were lovely, but unfortunately vandals tore them down before many people got to see them. This was really disappointing, and built our determination to increase involvement in eco activity across the whole campus so this would not happen again.