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  • We have a very strong PSHE (Personal, Social,  and Health  Education) curriculum which promotes personal safety in a range of ways both inside the classroom and through whole school assemblies.
  • Children are taught that all adults in school are there to help them if they are worried but that the DSLs are special members of staff who have an important job to make sure they are safe.
  • All children are taught that they should never keep an adult’s secret and we look carefully at the difference between secrets and surprises.
  • Online safety is taught through the Computing curriculum and we take part in the annual national Online-Safety Day.
  • We teach our children about the NSPCC Pants Rule which outlines that some parts of our body are private and that we have the right to say ‘no.’



  • We teach children about the importance of road safety and the ability to distinguish between strangers and safer strangers.
  • Relationships and Sex Education is part of our ongoing PSHE curriculum and teaches children about the differences between boys and girls and the correct terminology for body parts.
  • We hold half termly well being days which are used to further promote the Parklands Person ethos. Each well being day takes one of our focus words (respectful, important, safe, kind, polite, positive) and children work together across the school to learn more about what it means to embody this quality out.