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Music at Parklands

Music at Parklands


At Parklands we aim to establish a life long love of learning and our teaching in music is a wonderful way to achieve this! It is our intent that we make music an enjoyable learning experience. We encourage children to participate in a variety of musical experiences both in and out of the classroom, through which we aim to build up the confidence of all children. 



Wider experiences

Children regularly hear the school piano being played by a familiar member of staff which allows them to experience live music. We have strong links with our local secondary school who perform live music with a range of instruments. The children also have the opportunity to learn familiar songs and sing along with the performers. Key Strings visit once per year to introduce the children to a range of string instruments which they then play for the children.

World Music Day 

On June 19th the children all took part in World Music day! We were very fortunate to have Mrs Fulcher play the flute in assembly and Oscar who brought in a ukulele, an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar!

Each class learnt about a specific instrument or genre of Music. The children had the opportunity for music appreciation where they listened and danced to each others favourite songs. They also listened to the favourite songs of members of staff! Some children did observational drawings of different instruments or labelled the different parts of their chosen instrument. Children in Nursery made their own shakers and decorated them.


"This is the best day ever!" (M Year 1)

"We just listened to Vivaldi – Four Seasons!" (A Year 2)

"We watched someone on Britain’s Got Talent play the violin" (Year 2)

"The saxophone is a pitched instrument" (K Year 1)

"I loved Mrs Hayward's song choice - Lewis Capaldi!" (I Year 2)

"I drew a guitar!" (B Reception)