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  • All of children are expected to be a Parklands Person – this underpins our whole school ethos. We don't have rules but we have the 'Prove Its'; guides on how to prove you are a Parklands Person.
  • If our children have demonstrated exceptional behaviour they can put their name on the 'Gold Spot'! When children show that they are a Parklands Person they can put their name on whichever Parklands Person aspect they had demonstrated.
  • Any incidents of poor behaviour are recorded on a behaviour log, which is audited on a half-termly basis by the Deputy Headteacher. Depending on the nature of the poor behaviour the children may have to miss 5 minutes of their playtime, or have to see a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Parents are informed of ongoing poor behaviour as appropriate.
  • We have an ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) and use the Behaviour Box and Positive Play schemes to help children who need specific help to understand how to regulate their behaviour. 
  • Our Early Help Practitioner and Pastoral Lead work with children and families around behaviour issues.
  • The school also has access to the Derbyshire Behaviour Support Service which provides support for children who may have behavioural difficulties.