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  • All of children are expected to be a Parklands Person – this underpins our whole school ethos. We don't have rules but we have the 'Prove Its'; guides on how to prove you are a Parklands Person.
  • We have a clear behaviour policy which outlines our systems for rewards and sanctions which are consistent across the school.
  • Children in our main school are part of one of four coloured teams: yellow, blue, red and green. The children collect 'coins' through good work and showing that they are a Parklands Person. Each week, the 'coins' are totalled and the team with the most 'coins' is announced in assembly and their achievements are celebrated.
  • Our main sanction system makes use of a traffic light approach. All children start on ‘green’ at the start of each session and their name can be moved to ‘orange’ as a warning about poor behaviour. If this continues, a child’s name is then moved to ‘red’ and they miss 5 minutes of their playtime. If poor behaviour continues, the child is spoken to by a member of the senior leadership team. When a child moves their name on to gold (or green if they had been on orange) then they also put their name on whichever Parklands Person aspect they had demonstrated. Parents are informed of ongoing poor behaviour as appropriate.
  • Poor behaviour is recorded on a behaviour log which is audited by the Deputy Headteacher on a half-termly basis. 
  • The school also has access to the Derbyshire Behaviour Support Service which provides support for children who may have behavioural difficulties. 
  • Behaviour is monitored by members of the senior leadership team and an audit of behaviour is undertaken each term.