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  • We expect all our pupils to attend school regularly and to have an attendance of at least 95%.
  • The school will only grant leave of absence for pupils in exceptional circumstances. This must be discussed with the headteacher.
  • If children are absent from school, the school office will contact parents to find out the reason for this (although there is an expectation that parents contact the school prior to the start of the school day).
  • All unexplained absences are chased up through a letter from the school office.
  • The Headteacher monitors absence and tracks attendance of pupils across the school. Families of persistent absentees are contacted to discuss this further.
  • Where school staff have ongoing concerns about the attendance of a child, the school may refer the family to the Early Help Practicioner.
  • Good attendance is celebrated weekly for each class and 100% attendance is celebrated termly and yearly.