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What have our Governors achieved this year?

Our governors work very hard alongside school leaders to ensure that Parklands keeps moving foward and developing. Governors oversee that the school improvement plan is followed and that all actions are completed. This is reported at the half termly governor meetings and also discussed at committee meetings. At the end of each meeting, governors discuss what they have done to help further develop the education and experience that Parklands can offer our children - you can find these listed below:


July 2021

  • Appointed a new midday supervisor to aid with the children’s lunchtimes
  • Reviewed procedures around covid to continue to keep the children safe
  • Reviewed the school improvement plan and what this will look like for the next academic year


May 2021

  • Governors welcomed a new Parent Governor to the School’s Governing Body

  • Governors approved staffing changes and the recruitment of an extra mid-day supervisor for the children

  • The School has continued to provide continuity with staffing for the children’s best interests.


March 2021

  • Governors Reviewed the school budget
  • Governors approved the use of the DFC fund
  • Governors agreed a pastoral teaching role for family liaison.


February 2021

  • Governors challenged the data issues with year 2.
  • Governors have been updated about how the school is responding to the COVID-19 lockdown.


December 2020

  • Governors amended how staff keep up to date with Safeguarding information.
  • Governors addressed the mental health of children.
  • Governors approved the intercom system for the safety of the children.


November 2020

  • Governors elected the Chair and Vice Chair to oversee the Governing Body for the academic year.
  • Governors amended the structure of the Governing body in order to aid recruitment of Governors.
  • Governors have approved the School Improvement Plan.
  • Governors have approved the schools COVID-19 Strategy.
  • Governors discussed expectations around attendance with the wellbeing of pupils and parents in mind.
  • Governors are supporting the school and everything that is being done during this time.