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What have our Governors achieved this year?

Our governors work very hard alongside school leaders to ensure that Parklands keeps moving foward and developing. Governors oversee that the school improvement plan is followed and that all actions are completed. This is reported at the half termly governor meetings and also discussed at committee meetings. At the end of each meeting, governors discuss what they have done to help further develop the education and experience that Parklands can offer our children - you can find these listed below:


March 2020

  • Governors successfully held a virtual meeting to continue discussions imperative to the school, our pupils and their families.
  • The handling of the school closure was discussed by Governors alongside how we do what is best for our pupils, parents and staff going forward.
  • Staffing levels for the next academic year were agreed by the Governing board.
  • The school budget was reviewed and agreed by the Governing board.



February 2020

  • Governors agreed to increase security around the school perimeter and reviewed the Critical Incident management plan
  • Governors looked at staffing going forward and how best to use the budget
  • Governors celebrated the hard work of staff, children, and their parents during Ofsted and the overall result


December 2019

  • The Governors have elected to recruit an additional Mid-day supervisor and another cleaner. This will benefit the safety and wellbeing of the children
  • Action plans submitted by Subject Leaders have been reviewed by the Governing Body
  • The Wellbeing Committee has been set up in line with the School Improvement Plan
  • Governors have discussed how the School Sports funding has been spent and the impact of this
  • Governors reviewed feedback from parent/carer surveys and discussed action points to be taken from these


October 2019

  • Governors approved the school improvement plan
  • Governors approved the school annual calendar
  • Governors set a new attendance target of 97%
  • Governors approved updated school policies


July 2019

  • Governors approved the recruitment of a MAT worker to be shared between three schools and discussed the criteria this person would need to meet for this role
  • Governors analysed the results of the EYFS/KS1 Phonics Screening results and discussed steps needed to improve them.
  • Governors reviewed the termly attendance report and discussed methods for monitoring attendance going forward


April 2019

  • Governors have taken part in several recruitment exercises to ensure the appointment of high quality teachers following the retirement and relocation of two existing members of staff
  • Governors have discussed the recent Eco Green Flag award that the school has been awarded
  • Governors have discussed how the additional Pupil Premium funding has been spent and the impact of this