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What have our Governors achieved this year?

Our governors work very hard alongside school leaders to ensure that Parklands keeps moving foward and developing. Governors oversee that the school improvement plan is followed and that all actions are completed. This is reported at the half termly governor meetings and also discussed at committee meetings. At the end of each meeting, governors discuss what they have done to help further develop the education and experience that Parklands can offer our children - you can find these listed below:


November 2018

  • Governors approved the school improvement plan and asked senior leaders to explain what actions have already been taken towards implementing this.
  • Governors ensured that staff have received training regarding how to keep pupils safe from radicalisation and extremism and implemented a new policy for this.
  • Governors approved a school IMPREST account which allows school leaders to purchase resources with Pupil Premium funding instantly rather than having to wait for orders with lengthy delivery periods.


January 2019

  • Governors have considered further ways of engaging parents in the Friends of Parklands.
  • Governors have observed how subject leaders have implemented learning journeys so that all members of staff are clear about what children learn and when this occurs.
  • Governors have challenged senior leaders as to how Pupil Premium funding is being used and what the intended impact has been.
  • Governors have analysed parent questionnaires and considered action points.
  • The Governing Body have undertaken their own self-evaluation of what they need to do to improve their effectiveness. 
  • Governors have undertaken a Health and Safety audit and left school leaders with clear action points to ensure that the school is as safe as possible.


March 2019

  • Governors have asked senior leaders to undertake the Inclusion Quality Mark assessment in order to ensure that the school is fully inclusive of all groups of pupils.
  • Governors have looked at the work of the school's improvement partner and discussed what recent data analysis tells them about the performance of our pupils, particularly those in vulnerable groups.


April 2019

  • Governors have taken part in several recruitment exercises to ensure the appointment of high quality teachers following the retirement and relocation of two existing members of staff.
  • Governors have discussed the recent Eco Green Flag award that the school has been awarded. 
  • Governors have discussed how the additional Pupil Premium funding has been spent and the impact of this.