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Science at Parklands

Science at Parklands 

Here at Parklands we aim to establish a life long love of learning and science is the perfect way for children to do that! We aim to ensure pupils are equipped with the ability to explore, discover and investigate. These first hand experiences will in turn enable them to understand more about the world they live in. We aim to ensure such experiences will be appropriate, relevant, challenging and satisfy the children’s curiosity.

We aim to:

• build on the children’s natural curiosity.

• teach the children scientific knowledge.

• teach the children scientific skills.

• stimulate them to investigate, question and develop attitudes of science.

• teach them to communicate ideas using appropriate scientific language.

• teach them how to evaluate their findings and suggest explanations.


Child's View 

"This is my best day ever! I love Science!" Year 1 pupil during British Science Week.


Science in action!

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