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Eco-Green House Project

As of Spring 2016, we have just started an Eco-Green House Project. Following a successful bid to Rolls Royce as part of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) project, we have been able to purchase a frame for an Eco-Green House. We now just need 1000 two litre plastic bottles to fill in the walls. We have started collecting and hope to reach our target soon!




Christmas Cards

This year we have again encouraged the children to bring in their Christmas cards to be recycled and a competition to see which class brings in the most.  The ECO team have decided to recycle them at Asda!

                                                            Class Winners

Christmas 2017 = 8,445                                4





We have recycled 1,302 pens with Terracycle. This raised £23.00  Due to an increase in the minimum amounts needed to raise money we won’t be working with Teracycle anymore. However we are still going to collect pens to be recycled and and take them to another local school for recycling on a termly basis.  Please continue to place your used pens in the boxes located in each classroom, or in the family room. Please don’t put pencils or crayons into the boxes as these cannot be recycled this way.





Paper and Card

Each class room has a paper recycling bin.  ECO team members encourage their class mates and teaching staff to recycle paper and card, it is their responsibility to empty these daily, into the blue recycling bins. Each class also has a pile of scrap paper for pupils to use, rather than a fresh sheet - making sure we reduce our paper usage.

From the summer term 2014 newsletters / letters have been emailed to parents / carers, a small number of paper copies are given out to those who have not provided email addresses.  This has reduced the amount of paper being used by the school.


Waste Week (2 – 6 March 2015)

Lunch time food waste was weighed daily by Miss Barker and members of the Eco team to monitor the volume of food waste.   Here are our results

    •       Mon     11.34kg  

    •       Tues     10.89kg

    •       Weds    7.26kg (pudding today was in plastic pots, lots of empty plastic pots wasted but meant lighter weigh in)

    •       Thurs  15.82kg (dinner consisted of rice, waste full of rice which made weigh in heavy)

    •       Fri        10.89kg



A local charity, Shoe Aid held an assembly for us this week, and gave all the children bags to collect unwanted shoes to donate to their work in Africa. 



Lots of the children completed food diaries as well to look at how they could reduce waste. We also had a competition to invent something useful made from waste. Have a look at the inventions below:

Litter Picking

The ECO team undertook a litter pick on the Parklands school grounds every day during Waste week. Children recorded what items were found and where. Most of the litter was chocolate bar wrappers and cigarette boxes blown onto the grounds from the path and road around the campus. 


Rag Bag scheme

We had a ragbag recycling bin on our premises for May 2013 to January 2016. We raised £335.40 in this venture which has been ploughed back into the school. Unfortunately the company has now closed down, so we have replaced it with a new “Recycle With Michael” bin. Mr Allen held an assembly to tell the children all about it on Tuesday 2nd February 2016. Each child has a recycle with Michael bag to take home and bring back filled with unwanted clothes and footwear to be recycled.