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Progression in painting

Progression in painting


 • To experiment with a range of painting tools such as thick and thin paintbrushes, spatulas, combs, toothbrushes.

 • To explore and experiment with making marks using all paint tools above.

. • To explore colour mixing using poster paint.


To experiment with a range of painting tools such as thick or thin paintbrushes, fingers, spatulas, combs, toothbrushes etc

 To name a range of different colours

To mix paint to match colours they see.

To explore and refine colour mixing using poster paint.

To combine paint and collage

To offer viewpoints of paintings.

Year One

To explore primary and secondary colours.

• To represent primary and secondary colours on a colour wheel.

To paint from observation.




Year  Two

  • To explore creating tints and shades in a variety of different colours.
  • To experiment with different painting effects such as washes, blocking and thickened paint.
  • To explore paint effects and techniques used by famous artists. (Claude Monet and Paul Klee)
  • To explore texture in an artwork using techniques such as layering, differing brush strokes or varying equipment such as a sponge or spatula
  • To create a final piece that applies two different painting effects.
  • To use secondary source images to observe and draw a landscape.