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Progression in drawing

Progression in drawing


 • To explore and experiment with making marks using chalk, wax crayons, pencils, colouring pencils and felt tips.

• To use gross motor movements to create large marks- continuous rotations, push/pull, vertical arcs.

• To talk about marks and patterns created.


To explore making different marks with different resources and begin to compare lines and pastel smudges.

 To explore where chalk and pencils come from.

• To discuss marks and patterns created and begin to give reasons for their choices.

• Draw from memory and observation.

• Introduce dark and light pencils (e.g., 8B and HB)

Year One

• To explore a range of different drawing mediums to create and invent a range of lines and alter thickness using different mediums.

• To explore how famous artists use dots, lines and shapes to create works of art..

• To link a range of lines together to create a piece of artwork.

• To explore how shapes can be used to create a piece of artwork

• Add 4B to pencil range.

• Confident in using pastels and charcoal

Year  Two

• To explore lines and blending using pencils, pastels chalk and oil pastels

• Choose when to use dots or lines to show texture or patterns.

  • To study and analyse landscapes using artists’ vocabulary.
  • To identify backgrounds and foregrounds in a landscape.
  • To study landscapes created by famous artists.
  • To use secondary source images to observe and draw a landscape.
  • To create objects in the foreground that appear larger than those in the background.
  • Add 2H to the pencil range.