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What are we learning about this half term?

Summer Two


Will Sunny the meerkat survive a trip to the Arctic?



  • Who is Sunny and where does he live?
  • What are the seasons and how can you identify them?
  • How are hot and cold places different?
  • Which animals live in hot and cold places?
  • How can we sort animals into groups?
  • Would a lion eat the same food as a rabbit?



Summer One


How do nurses make the world a better place?

Who was the lady with the lamp?

How did Florence Nightingale change hospitals?

Can you make a digital book about Florence Nightingale?

Are there any other famous nurses?

Why are nurses heroes today?

Spring Two

Is there a deadly plant in your garden?



What plants do you know?


What happens if you don’t look after a plant?


Can plants hurt you?


Do we eat plants?


Can you use plants to make healthy snacks?


Spring One


How would you have survived school in the



Week 1

What were classrooms like in the past?


Week 2

Did they have the traffic light spots in the past?


Week 3

Were the teachers like Mrs Hayward,

Mrs Smith and Miss Westbrook?


Week 4

Who was L S Lowry?


Week 5

Where can we go to find out about old toys?

Autumn Two

Our big question for this half term will be: Which materials would the aliens take back to their planet?

Each week we will also be answering the following questions:

Week 1: What are the aliens looking for?

Week 2: Will the aliens accept your underpants?

Week 3: Who was Kandinsky?

Week 4: Can you be a good scientist?

Week 5/6: What would be the best material for the alien’s umbrella?

Autumn One

For the first week will be focussing on wellbeing and transition.

Our big question for this half term will be:

Could we be Long Eaton travel guides?

Each week we will also be answering the following questions:

Week 2: Where do we live?

Week 3: Where in the United Kingdom is Long Eaton?

Week 4: What do we like and dislike about Long Eaton?

Week 5: Where in the United Kingdom has Wally been?

Week 6: How do we know the United Kingdom is an island?

Week 7: Where in Long Eaton is Wally hiding?


Your child has been allocated a reading book to keep in school and the adults are trying to hear each child read on a weekly basis. 

To support your child at home - please read a range of stories/books to them and encourage them to fred words you think they can read!