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What are we learning about this half term?

Spring Two


Is there a deadly plant in your garden?


Our weekly questions are:

Week 1

What plants do you know?


Week 2

What happens if you don't look after a plant?


Week 3

Can plants hurt you?


Week 4

Do we eat plants?


Week 5 and 6

Can you use plants to make healthy snacks?

Spring 1


How would you have survived school in the



Week 1

What were classrooms like in the past?


Week 2

Did they have the traffic light spots in the past?


Week 3

Were the teachers like Mrs Hayward,

Mrs Smith and Mrs Hamilton?


Week 4

Who was L S Lowry?


Week 5

Where can we go to find out about old toys?


Week 6

How can we make our own museum?

Autumn 2

Our big question is:

Which materials would the aliens take back to their planet?

Each week we will be answering the following questions:

What are the aliens looking for?

Will the aliens accept your underpants?

Who was Kandinsky?

Can you be a good scientist?

What would be the best material for the alien’s umbrella?


Autumn One

Our big question for this half term will be:

Could we be Long Eaton travel guides?

Each week we will also be answering the following questions:

Week 1: Where do we live?

Week 2: Where in the United Kingdom is Long Eaton?

Week 3: What do we like and dislike about Long Eaton?

Week 4: Where in the United Kingdom has Wally been?

Week 5: How do we know the United Kingdom is an island?

Week 6: Where in Long Eaton is Wally hiding?

Week 7: What is important to you? (RE week)

Your child has been allocated a reading book to keep in school and the adults are trying to hear each child read on a weekly basis. 

To support your child at home - please read a range of stories/books to them and encourage them to fred words you think they can read!