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Meet the team

Mrs Bowler  Class Two teacher
Mrs Chivers Class One teacher
Mrs Fulcher Teaching Assistant
Mrs Bowers HLTA
Mrs Everard Mid day supervisor

Welcome to Reception

Our teachers are Mrs Bowler  and Mrs Chivers our teaching assistants are Mrs Fulcher and Mrs Bowers  They are very kind and help us to learn new and exciting things every day! Mrs Everard and Mrs Avasthy are our Mid-day supervisors who helps us at lunchtime. 


Mrs Bowler and Mrs Chivers tell us that if we work hard and try our best we can achieve anything! We work as a team and always try to be the perfect Parklands Person - safe, kind, polite, positive, important and respectful! Our classroom, indoors and outdoors, is full of fun and laughter and  Mrs Bowler  and Mrs Chivers love being our teachers!